About Us

Concerned by the presence of sickle cell anaemia disorder in our society, the idea of taking care of Sickle Cell Anaemia, preventing, reducing , and controlling, blood group rhesus factors which the ignorance is as much as the sickle cell disorder, Malaria, and HIV/AIDS through public awareness, and educational campaign was conceptualised by Doris Gbeminoye Ofuyaekpone, the founder and president of the Genotype Foundation.

Genotype Foundation (GF) was now established and Registered on the 20th FEBRUARY, 1997 under Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Companies And Allied Matters Decree No.1, 1990. (Part C- Incorporated Trustees) It is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO).

The Foundation is concerned with taking care of people with the Sickle Cell Disorder disease, to create awareness to the Prevention and Control of Sickle Cell Disorder, Blood group Rhesus factor, Malaria control in Sickle Cell Disease, research and awareness creating on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (and beyond), through Information, Education and Communication (I.E.C), Screening and Counselling.

Haemoglobin genotype is the specific type of gene constituting the haemoglobin that make up an individual’s red blood cell. Genes are the unit of inheritance in an individual, and they are always donated by both parents.

Blood group could be inherited from either of both parents. Blood group has been classified in the (a, b, o) blood system. This includes group A. B. AB. and O. The grouping was actually used in accordance with the presence or absence of one , both or none of the two blood substances typified as A and B respectively. There are particular anti – bodies present in the serum plasma for reach of the blood types. It has also been classified as rhesus positive or negative based on the presence or absence of the rhesus factor or the antigen respectively.


The activities of the Foundation are aimed at achieving the following Aims and Objectives:

a. Taking care of sickle cell disease patients, e.g helping in time of hospitalization to pay bills for those that cannot pay their bills, supporting with some of their routine drugs that some Donor Agencies donates for them and always see to their well being.

b. Create awareness on the need to know ones Haemoglobin genotype and blood group Rhesus factor, mostly to the young ones and those to be married.

c. Screening and determining people’s haemoglobin genotype free, Counselling on the appropriate marriage partners based on the known genotype, thereby reducing the occurence of Sickle Cell Anaemia(SCA) in future.

d. Screening and determining people's Blood group Rhesus factor for future births, to prevent sensitization of the Negative Rhesus factor which can lead to miscarriages, still-births, through counselling based on the known blood group Rhesus factor.

e. Control the menace of Malaria in Sickle Cell Anaemia patients and other Haemglobin genotypes through the provision of preventive services(Seminars, Workshops, and talks) for the populace through IEC, Screenings and Counselling.

f. Control the menace of HIV/AIDS through the provision of preventive services(Seminars, Worksops, and talks) even in blood transfusion for the populace through IEC, Screenings and Counselling.

g. To save future families from the agonies and traumatic experiences resulting from having a Sickler in the home.

h. Increase awareness among all risk groups about SCA as a preventable and controllable disease.

i. To save future families from the agonies, stigmatization and traumatic experiences resulting from having a family member with HIV/AIDS in the home.

j. To take the campaigns to the grass root i.e. the rural populace, to educate them of the importance of knowing their Haemoglobin Genotype / Blood Group Rhesus Factors/HIV/AIDS/Malaria.

k. To train counsellors for the purpose of educating others on Haemoglobin genotype, Blood Group rhesus factors, HIV/AIDS, Malaria issues.

l. To see that in the near future having a sickle cell anaemia child will be a thing of choice and not out of ignorance.